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It’s official, we have a new blog for Bettaprint.

  • By Frank Beukers
  • 06 Sep, 2015

Today the world will never be the same again.

I have finally decided to take the plunge and add a blog to my site. I always wanted an easy way to share information with visitors and I’m super excited to start this journey. Keep coming back to my site and check for updates and special offers right here on the blog.

Bettaprint Stamp Blog

By Frank Beukers 16 Mar, 2016
COLOP Printer – news about COLOP's bestseller
At this year's Paperworld, COLOP again focused on its bestselling product – the Printer – which was launched with great success in 2014 and is now being sold extremely well all around the world. It was not just its contemporary design that impressed. In addition, the XXL ImageCard™ personalisation idea was particularly popular amongst numerous stamp manufacturers, office supplies businesses and end customers.

Motivational Stamps
COLOP's trade fair stand had a show case devoted to the theme 'Motivational Stamps', which COLOP used to exhibit this new stamps. These 'flash stamps' are – as the name suggests – made using flash technology and are equipped with positive, motivating messages. For example, a selection of attractive imprints were showcased at the event which are designed for use in school and include 'gold star' and 'thumbs up' designs for motivation, accompanied by texts such as 'well done' to reward pupils.

Green Stamps
Once again skilfully staged at the booth was COLOPs Green Line range, which occupies an increasingly important role. Not least because of this it was recently extended by two additional products. Due to an increase in demand, the 'Green Line' Printer range is now available in size 50 as well as sizes 20, 30 and 40. The Pocket Stamp Plus mentioned above is now also offered in a Green Line version, as stated previously.
Based on the large amount of positive feedback from customers, Paperworld 2016 was a major success. It gives us plenty of reason to be convinced that this year shows just as much promise, with new and interesting products, but also exciting ideas and projects on the cards.
By Frank Beukers 22 Feb, 2016
Below is a short video tutorial showing you step-by-step how to change the ink pad of the new self-inking stamps.
By Frank Beukers 27 Jan, 2016
After the successful launch of the Printers in the sizes 20, 30 and 40 COLOP completes its Printer Standard range. From now on the new Printer is also available in the sizes 10, 50 and 60.

Particularly with the large stamps 50 and 60 COLOP expects great success as they offer plenty of space to personalise the XXL image window. On the front and back side of the Printer there is a rectangular area of more than 40 cm² (86 x 49 mm) respectively even more than 50 cm² (94 x 56 mm). Two sizes that come pretty close to the dimension of a picture frame.

The Printer 10 is characterized, however, by its compactness. The smallest within the Printer Standard range is additionally available with a cover and/or a keyring. These two accessories make the Printer 10 a practical companion on the road. Thus the cover protects the Printer from dirt and dust and prevents unintentional stamping in the handbag or briefcase.

Last but not least the new Printer Standard models in the sizes 10, 50 and 60 are also available with Microban® technology, which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.

With the three new sizes the conversion to the new Printer Standard is completed at COLOP. The series stands out in particular through its unique design and numerous technical innovations and improvements.
By Frank Beukers 06 Nov, 2015
At Bettaprint Rubber Stamps we have always led with the best products and manufacturing principles. As a result, for many years we have used COLOP products. Below are some details of why we use COLOP...

Vision and Mission statement as the basis for a successful future

The COLOP Vision
We strive for the highest possible level of customer satisfaction by offering the most extensive range of self-inking stamps and products within the marking industry - in the world, including Australia.

The COLOP Mission
By achieving an optimal level of quality in everything that we do, both in technical areas as well as on a personal level, we are able to continually increase customer satisfaction.

By using the best methods and technologies, we are able to develop the most innovative, the most cost-effective “ high quality products ” on the market and to ensure flexibility and short delivery times!

We meet the expectations of our customers in a profitable manner. In doing so, we aim to take into account the regulations and laws for preserving our environment. Due to our success, we are able to offer our employees greater opportunities for personal development.

Prominent quality
COLOP's quality management system is already certified according to ISO 9001 for several years. This ensures that products and services are subjected to regulated quality criteria. The certification according to ISO 14001 that had been successfully 2008, confirms that COLOP possesses a functioning and fully integrated ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEM.

Innovation as the basis for permanent development
Within COLOP, “innovation“ continues to be the pillar of its continued success. Innovation enables COLOP to achieve growth for a product (namely “the stamp”) that is known in its basic form for hundreds of years.

Since the theme of innovation plays such an important role for COLOP, the entire product engineering is managed in-house and performed by the COLOP development team.

As you can see Bettaprint Rubber Stamps is way ahead of the competition based on our association with COLOP. We know you will be very happy with your involvement with Bettaprint Rubber Stamps

Below is a short funny video concerning how we treat you if you decide to order from us. Our personal professional service, quality self-inking custom-made rubber stamps manufacturing and fast delivery throughout Australia will keep you coming back to Bettaprint Rubber Stamps for more/re-orders overtime. If you are already to order or want to learn how we can help you save time through using a custom rubber stamp , call us on:  1300 STAMPS (1300 782 677)

By Frank Beukers 19 Oct, 2015
At Bettaprint Rubber Stamps we want your experience to be easy, fast and pleasurable every  time you order from us. With this in mind, we wanted to let you know the easiest way to order your Self-Inking Rubber Stamps from us.

Firstly, think about what you want on your Rubber Stamp . Sometimes less is more when it come to effective use of a custom made rubber stamp. Keep your information you want on your rubber stamp clear and specific. 

When you have your ideas written down, send your rubber stamp information via email  (or fax 1300 782 329)and what size you think would be suitable. Refer to our our rubber stamps sizes page.

After we receive your details, we'll confirm with you the rubber stamp details, size and price.

When we receive your approval, we'll then proceed as agreed. Call us today on 1300 782 677 if you have any questions.
By Frank Beukers 06 Sep, 2015
Your time is valuable - you have a thousand important duties to take care of every day - you simply don't have time to waste on repetitive tasks like writing your business name, ABN or return address.

And yet, every work day, in businesses around the Australia, hundreds of hours are spent on these unprofitable tasks - hours that you, or your staff, could be spending increasing your business profitability.

The solution is simple - don't write it - stamp it!

Contact us today and let us make stamps that will save you time and effort.

Call 1300 STAMPS (1300 782 677) today!
By Frank Beukers 06 Sep, 2015
I have finally decided to take the plunge and add a blog to my site. I always wanted an easy way to share information with visitors and I’m super excited to start this journey. Keep coming back to my site and check for updates and special offers right here on the blog.
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